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  1. glad you enjoyed it 🙂 watch their song “Dance with Me Now!” it also has a really tight choreography ^_^

  2. im still hoping to a reaction video for happiness – ordinary girl >__<

  3. I agreed these girls deserves more recognition, they’re amazing and check the trio unit of the dancers (sudannayuzuyully) they proven to be good as rappers

  4. Nice vid! Can you guys react to Radwimps ‘Zenzenzense’?

  5. I recomend react to dreamcatcher-you and I

  6. Please reaction to produce 48 (pick me ) nekkoya

  7. plz react to gidle latata and dreamcatcher you and i

  8. Damn, we got the same fave member! If Yurino is the hip-hop dance queen, then Harumi Sato the artistic dance empress.

  9. Please react to produce48- nekkoya

  10. pls react mou mori e kaerouka by keyakizaka46

  11. sato harumi!! yes she’s the leader to e-girls and also member/performer to flower. you should definitely check out flower- akikaze no answer and flower- sun and sunflower not just because she’s in this group but because they’re just a beautiful group.

  12. React to (G)I-DLE Latata